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For Alec Salmond to believe that ANYONE wants to hear his incoherent ramblings on national television shows a supreme level of arrogance – even for a politician. It beggars belief that a man leading a party holding just SEVEN seats in his own country’s parliament (out of 59, if you’re counting) thinks he has some God-given right to offer any kind of comment on the direction of the entire UK. It is enough to make anyone sick. Now I have nothing against the Scottish people, who pay their taxes like everyone else and are entitled to fair parliamentary representation in Westminster – I, indeed, know better than anyone about the concerns of the people of Scotland, due to there being a strong line of Scotch heritage in the Minns ancestry. Where my problem lies is with these jumped-up, devolutionary types such as Salmond, who spent years campaigning for their own separate parliament, only to now turn around and moan that it’s not good enough because they don’t get a national platform with the three main UK political parties. Salmond’s whinge about the fact that, up until recently, he was only allowed to participate in the Scottish leader’s debate is a bit rich, to be honest. You can’t have it both ways, Alec – either you’re in or you’re out. Of course, now he’s managed to allow himself to part with a bit of money (a minor miracle), he’s somehow wangled his way into an upcoming debate on the BBC. No-one outside of Scotland cares about his views (and neither, it would seem, most of those IN Scotland), but here he is, ploughing away regardless.

The man is a joke, and his appearance will only serve to distract viewers from the core issues of this election, as well demeaning his entire country.


There’s been a lot of talk recently over how newspapers have been supposedly “biased” against certain political parties in the run-up to the General Election. I can assure you that this talk is unfounded, and that all print journalism takes itself extremely seriously across the spectrum. I know better than anyone the need to remain impartial – it comes with the job. We respect our readership and would never pander to political point-scoring in order to sell newspapers. At the end of the day, it’s the public who matter – and I genuinely feel the public would benefit from change. It’s time for some fresh blood, fresh ideas and a fresh approach from a government untarnished by years of mistakes, as Labour currently are.

The Conservatives, under the positive leadership of David Cameron, are well-placed to offer the kind of change this country is crying out for. Of course, it is up to the electorate on polling day just which party they feel possess the necessary credentials to successfully govern through a challenging economic period, but what I would say is think carefully – is another 5 years of Gordon Brown really what this country needs? Cameron offers a solid platform for recovery and the Conservative manifesto offers hope across the board.  His message is positive, decisive and clear – real change comes from everyone across the land contributing to change in a certain capacity, which stops short of any governmental control per se, but involves everyone in shaping government policy going forward. It’s both an important and impressive message, which appears very much to delegate power back to the people of this country. David Cameron knows as well as I do the issues facing the next government. Knowing him, as I do, I can honestly say is a true man of the people, who, despite his privileged upbringing, is fully aware of the realities facing this country going forward. The reality is that this country is broken – society is broken, the economy is in disrepair due to Labour’s frivolity and our collective faith in British politics is shattered. Cameron is the only party leader who understands this and is, I believe, the right man for the job. I think he has the confidence and the dynamism to fix “Broken Britain” and take this country forward. It’s time for change. It’s time for us to face reality.

And from an impartial viewpoint, the reality is clear – there’s only one sensible choice on May 6th


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