Big Brother sees massive increase in entrants for final series

As the curtain falls on the groundbreaking Big Brother franchise, producers of the final series have witnessed a surge of applications from prospective contestants desperate to book their place in television history this summer.

It is thought there have been as many as 79 applicants in total – up 23 on last year’s series – as many fame-hungry young people, including a real-life circus dwarf, eagerly signed up for the show’s auditions which took place up and down the country earlier this year.

Despite this year’s surge of applications, Big Brother producers are confident they can feature all 79 contestants throughout the show’s 22-week run, which is set to start sometime this month. “It took 2 of us to read through the applications this time around,” reveals Peter Ian, a staff member at Endemol, “and some of the contestants this year are fairly interesting, it has to be said.

“For instance, there’s one who used to date someone who hung out with Linford Christie’s neice, which is pretty exciting. Plus we’ve got a postal worker who had to quit their round due to a bad back. The contestants are what makes this show the success it’s been for the last 10 years, and we’ve been blessed on this series with the sheer depth of choice. In the end we decided to give them all a go, as we’re planning not only ONE ‘secret house’, but a secret-house-within-the-secret-house, which in turn has a secret cellar. We should be able to get at least 20 in the main house, 15 in the secret house, 10 in the secret-house-within-the-first-secret-house and another 8 in the cellar. Oh, and half a dozen in the cupboard of the secret cellar.”

Other contestants are said to include a woman who looks a bit like Beyoncé’s best friend, a 19-year-old office worker who laughs if someone says something funny, a builder who builds things and some other people with various individual character traits.

Big Brother 11 is set to hit TV screens during the next couple of weeks and will be presented by Davina McCall.


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