Top male celebrity – who happens to have children – to be revealed today

Parenting website Bounty is set to announce the results of its vote on the public’s favourite male celebrity who also happens to be a parent.

The award aims to honour celebrity dads who have succeeded in displaying their parenting ability through various media outlets over the past twelve months.

A spokesperson for Bounty said yesterday: “Whilst we can’t vouch for the 95% of the time these people are behind closed doors, the media provides the public with a useful ‘shop window’ for how they conduct themselves away from the spotlight. We can only judge on what we see in public, and for the vast majority in the shortlist this year, their conduct has been reasonably good.

“Take, for example, Ronan Keating. He may have betrayed the mother of his children by conducting extra-marital relations with one of his backing dancers, but you wouldn’t have a word said against him as a father. Plus he cuts a smart, stylish appearance – he’s your typical, clean-cut boy-next-door. Vernon Kaye’s also in the running this year, as he seems like a really nice guy, plus he’s got great teeth. He may well have dabbled on the side, but it was only text messages, which don’t really count. And there’s also Mark Owen – yes, he’s had several affairs over the past 10 years, but he’s got a really nice smile and he clearly loves being a dad.”

Of course, an occasional indiscretion in the form of textual flirtation or a full-blown affair should not serve as a barrier when determining a celebrity’s parenting ability, as Bounty’s spokesperson explains: “Take the footballers in our list – John Terry is a superb father despite his recent well-documented affair. He’s a fantastic role model and a strong, authoritative leader who knows how to play the media game well.

“Steven Gerrard’s on the shortlist, too – he’s a reliable, faithful partner and loving father who would absolutely not, for example, openly assault a member of the public in a bar and escape charge by paying for the very best lawyers to fight his case. That sort of conduct is entirely at odds with Steven’s nature and definitely something that a good father would steer well clear of. He’s a strong candidate, particularly during the World Cup, which England have as good a chance of winning as anyone.”

The results are expected later today.


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