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August 16, 2009

Martin Milner – football expert

Over-reacts by 100%

This year’s Premier League season promises to be the most exciting yet, as either Manchester United or Chelsea could win one of the most open title races of recent times. Premier League football is the pride of this country and rightly so. I can’t think of any football across the world that is of the same quality as that played in the Barclays Premier League week in, week out.

My only criticism of the Premier League is that it is blighted by the likes of Wolves, Bolton and Stoke. When anyone thinks of the Premiership, they think of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United – not the inferior clubs like Wigan, Hull City or Portsmouth. These clubs are a disgrace to the game and an insult to people who pay good money to see them play. How they can even think for one minute that they’re good enough to justify lining up against any of the top four sides is laughable.

In an ideal world the Premier League would be divided up so that Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United could form a breakaway Premier Superleague, subsidised by 80% of the broadcast revenue generated by the rest of the teams remaining in the Premier League. The club finishing first in the Premier League would win the privilege of playing in four televised exhibition matches against the Premier Superleague sides and receiving 5% of the revenue generated from each fixture.

The dinosaurs at the FA would do well to take notice of this.

Nothing is more infuriating in football than bad refereeing. Rob Shoebridge’s howler in the game between Bristol City and Crystal Palace was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on a football pitch. How he could have given a goal kick when the ball clearly went over the goal line is beyond belief. What sort of idiot does this idiot think he is? He’d do well to remember that the players are what the game is all about. And that the money generated by their skill and professionalism puts food on his family’s table.

Good referees should know their place. They should be seen and not heard. A referee’s job is to stay out of the way of play and allow the game to continue to its conclusion. Someone should tell them that they are not the stars of the game and that they should have some respect for the players who are. A lot of them just want to get on TV and to be able to say they’ve influenced the course of a game, which is pathetic.

At the end of the day referees are just pansies who can’t play football, but are desperate for a piece of the limelight generated by people who are not only great sportsmen, but also much better human beings than them. They can only dream of having the talent and lifestyle of the players, but they never will. In my opinion they’re the plankton of the game and not fit to lace the players’ boots.

They should be made to kneel before the players on the way in and out of the tunnel as a sign of bloody respect.


August 10, 2009

Martin Milner – football expert

Over-reacts by 100%

The Community Shield final was a bloody disgrace. Someone should teach Michael Ballack the true values of the game of football. Good, British football. You might prance around falling all over the place or committing blatant fouls back in Germany, but over here we do things differently. We have something called the British sense of fair play, an unwritten code that all good Premier League footballers adhere to. In this country football is about gentlemanly conduct, fairness, honesty, pride, possession, passing, movement, channels, vision, ballwork, skill, pace, basics, passion, hunger, knowledge, belief, aptitude, toughness, running, application, discipline, stamina, space, attitude, selflessness, heart, fortitude…

Just remember who won the war.

So, Tony Mowbray think Celtic have what it takes to beat Arsenal? If Celtic were in the English leagues they’d be in the top half of the Championship at best. To play the likes of a great football club such as Arsenal is a privilege and he’d do well to remember that. He’s living in the cocoon of Scottish football where beating teams like Aberdeen, Motherwell and Dundee week in, week out is a regular occurrence. No wonder they win the SPL most of the time.

The SPL is a soft league and teams like Celtic and Rangers would experience a massive culture shock if they were to turn up in our beloved Premiership. They wouldn’t last five minutes against the likes of Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Villa and Spurs. They would finish bottom by a big margin and would go back across the border with their tails between their legs.

Mowbray thinks he’s some kind of hotshot. Any idiot could do his job. He’d do well to remember the fans that pay good money to see his club every week. When they lose to Arsenal – which they will – those fans will demand some answers.

And Mowbray’s head will roll right back down the M74.

Roy Keane is spot-on taking Ipswich on pre-season training at Colchester army barracks. I’ve always approved of his tough approach to the game. His attitude is the best in the country and a fine example to all youngsters in the game. The rigours of army training will sort the men from the boys and sharpen up his squad for the season ahead. Aggressive physical contact and hard knocks are all part of the game and I have no sympathy when players get hurt.

Football is just like war and you need your best soldiers to be at the top of their game at all times. You don’t need a bunch of namby-pambies in the ranks when you’re in the heat of battle. You need good, strong British generals who can occupy space whilst pushing forward. Keane was like this as a player and is now passing these qualities on to his squad. Proper toughness is a vital part of good football, together with a never-say-die attitude.

Anyone who disagrees with this should be lined up and shot.

July 28, 2009

Martin Milner – football expert

Over-reacts by 100%

I knew Steven Gerrard was innocent right from the start. He’s a good, upstanding British footballer who knows the difference between right and wrong. The case against him just didn’t stack up as far as I’m concerned. He wasn’t even there at the time of the supposed assault. Knowing Steven as I do he was probably busy doing charity work, something I know is close to his heart.

That so-called businessman was nothing more than a crook who was looking to make a quick buck out of one of Britain’s finest young footballers. People like him make me sick. He has placed unnecessary stress on a hardworking, down-to-earth Premier League footballer and should be punished for wasting police time.

I hope next time he’s out in Liverpool someone plants one on him. It’s nothing more than this scum deserves.

This filthy crook should be flogged in public.

Good on John Terry for showing commitment to Chelsea and refusing a big money move to Man City. He’s a good old fashioned workhorse and his decision to stay put is a fine example to young professionals about the true values of football. He knows full well not to bite the hand that feeds him, unlike that Judas scum Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is a disgrace to the game and an insult to the thousands of reds fans who paid good money to watch him play. He hated Manchester and he hated the fans and made no secret of it. His actions were disgusting and the sooner we rid the game of scum like him, the better. If I saw him in the street I wouldn’t spit on him. He is the opposite of Robin Hood, stealing from the pockets of the poor, working class people of Manchester and giving to the rich executives of Real Madrid.

Michael Owen is a more than adequate replacement for that waste of space. He’s a good British footballer who knows the value of money and is polite to his fans.

Not a diving Judas cheat like Ronaldo.

Who does Jose Mourinho think he is? He’s got a bloody nerve to assume he’s good enough to manage Man United. To manage a club like that requires commitment and dedication – two things that were missing when he quit Chelsea under a cloud two years ago. He’d do well to remember that his success with that club was down to one thing – money. Abramovich showered him with enough money to win everything in sight, but despite this, he wasn’t up to the task.

He doesn’t have the gumption to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson is a good British football manager who knows what football is really about. Football is about pride, passion and belief, which Fergie and his team have in bucketloads. He is a true football manager with a great football brain and football in his heart. He knows the standards required in top flight professional football and has been a proud servant to the game for many years.

Scum like Mourinho would do well to remember this.

July 20, 2009

Martin Milner – football expert

Over-reacts by 100%

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of David Beckham whining about the fans of LA Galaxy. They pay good money to watch him play and are entitled to boo him if they feel he’s not putting in 100%. If he wants to line his pockets with a spell at Milan, then fine. Good luck to him. But to have the cheek to turn round and complain when the fans at Galaxy make their feelings known is pretty rich, to be honest.

Galaxy’s fans are good, honest working-class people who deserve to see quality football played by committed professionals. Beckham’s attitude is an insult to those fans and an insult to the club who pay his wages. He’d do well to remember that without those fans he’d have nothing. He should be thankful they pay to see him at all after the way he has acted.

At the end of the day he is nothing but a filthy Judas, selling LA Galaxy down the river for his 40 pieces of silver. The money he has earned from his loan spell at Milan is dirty money as far as I’m concerned.

He should be made to give it to charity. Every last penny.

So Marouane Chamakh reckons he’s being touted by several Premiership clubs, eh? He’d do well to drop that attitude if he wants to succeed in the Premier League. There’s no room for prima donnas like him in English football. They might stand for that sort of thing in Bordeaux but if he wants to play here he’s going to have to knuckle down and keep his mouth shut.

At the end of the day football’s a team game. If you’re not playing for the team then you’re basically not a team player. Chamakh’s attitude makes me sick to the stomach and is an insult to honest football fans who pay good money to see their heroes every week.

Chamakh needs a serious reality check. If he thinks he’s better than the English Premiership then he’s living in cloud cuckoo land.

He should be made to play in his bare feet as punishment.

So Carlos Tevez thinks that Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t do enough to keep him at Man Utd? What an ungrateful scumbag. He should be glad of the opportunity to play for one of the world’s leading football clubs. I didn’t hear him complaining when he was filling his pockets at Old Trafford, yet now he has the cheek to turn round and say something like that. He’d do well to remember the fans who pay his wages.

Players like Tevez make me furious. They see the English Premier League as nothing more than a meal ticket. They don’t care about the honest football fans like you and me. At the end of the day all they care about is money, pure and simple.

What a dirty Judas. He should be made to play for Man City for half the money.