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January 12, 2010

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon no longer whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month after its editor refused to return any of his messages

Well that’s it, folks. The end of an era. Yours truly had been writing for Sky Magazine just over 18 months, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and it is with a heavy heart that I tell you this is to be my last column for the foreseeable future. Once again, Sky Magazine left out my column for the second month in a row, and Lysanne Currie hasn’t returned a single message of mine in the last 6 weeks. I’m not sure whether I’m still wanted at Sky or not, but I have to draw a line somewhere and have decided to concentrate my focus solely on my massive, burgeoning business portfolio.

Anyway, on to happier subjects – did you have a good Christmas? I did. Our family had a fantastic Chrimbo, but I think I overdid things a bit. Luckily we have a fully-equipped family gym in our basement, so I’ve been able to work off those excess pounds in no time! You should try exercise – it’s totally exhilarating! Indoor gyms only cost a few thousand pounds and the positive effects are priceless. So come on everyone, turn over a new leaf for 2010 and invest in your family’s future right now!

Speaking of the new year, I’ve been busy making my new year’s resolutions – mainly to spend more quality money with my family. I’m the sort of guy who likes to work hard AND play hard, but often I get caught up in going the extra mile to clinch that all-important deal. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the Den, having filmed an extra series last year due to the show’s growing popularity. Dragon’s Den is a fantastic little programme, but it does mean I have to spend days away from home, which isn’t so good. This year will be different as I’ve resolved to spend time with my family to rediscover and appreciate the truly important things in life, such as our wonderful yacht, fine dining and luxury holidays abroad.

You may have noticed how bad the weather has been recently, with severe warnings and heavy snowfall up and down the country. There was almost a foot of snow last week in Windsor, where we live. Last Thursday I was due to meet a couple of Virgin Media executives at my local country club and I almost got to the end of our driveway in the Jaguar before I had to surrender to the elements 500 feet before the gate. It was crazy! Luckily I managed to fit my Land Rover with a set of heavy duty snow chains I had imported from the States – after that, the ¾ mile journey seemed to pass in no time! Honestly, you should have seen the looks on the pedestrians’ faces as I crashed through the sheets of snow and ice on our high street! Bang! Bang! Bang! Goodbye snow! Hopefully I dislodged enough to enable other motorists to travel a bit easier.

Now that the snow has melted round our way, it is astonishing to see just how much damage the ice has done to the tarmac on the roads, especially on the route from our house to the country club – it’s horrendous! Someone should put a warning sign up on the B3022 as the loose tarmac could cause a nasty crash, especially around Cranbourne – phew! Dicey!

I will finish this column by sharing with you my 3 golden rules to maintain healthy personal finances – earn more, spend less and be sensible. If you adhere to these principles you will never go wrong, no matter what walk of life you are from (unless you’re poor). I will miss every single one of you and I hope you have enjoyed our monetary journey together. You can follow me on Twitter – you should all go on Twitter, it’s incredible! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. You can see what I’m doing at any time and I’m forever leaving amusing status updates – from my trusty Blackberry ™ of course!

TTFN, I love you…

Peter xxx


November 30, 2009


Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month, although this time around it looks to be missing…

It’s been a disappointing month for me, readers. My ghost writer drafted up my column as usual and I made sure he packed it with plenty of sound, money-saving advice for the festive season – plus we cleverly added a santa hat and some tinsel to my byline photo. I have to say I was more than a little shocked when I read this month’s Sky Magazine, as it looks to have undergone something of a revamp. James Martin’s column was there as usual, as were those of Ben Fogle and Gok Wan. Even Mariella Frostrup’s arts section was still there. But they seemed to have missed my bit out for some reason – hopefully they’ll rectify this in January, and I’ve emailed the editor, Lysanne Currie, just to be sure. Lysanne, if you’re reading this, what’s happened to my column? And why aren’t you replying to my messages?

Anyway, I’m going to soldier on with the column – you don’t get anywhere in business by allowing a slight setback to get you down. I’m made of stronger stuff and I’m determined my re-draft will show Lysanne what she’s missed out on this month. Here goes…

Christmas is often a tough time to face up to financially for many families across the country. It can be tricky for a lot of people to control spending at this time of year, with thousands going into spiralling debt which they often struggle to pay back.  It is a nightmare for parents attempting to create the perfect Christmas for their kids, and debt is often an unavoidable consequence for many as they strive to provide for the needs of their loved ones at this special time of year. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about any of that, and even despite the recession I have still profited handsomely throughout my burgeoning portfolio. I’m planning on pulling out all the stops this year and my family are in for a treat! It’s going to be a Christmas cracker and a half – and I for one can’t wait!

I’ve bought each of the kids a scale model of Jenson Button’s F1 Mercedes and we’re having a racetrack constructed in the grounds of our mansion. I’m a major petrol-head at heart and I’ll definitely be having a go in my special scaled-up version of Jenson’s supercar, come Christmas morning – it’s going to be sick! There’s going to be burning rubber and skid marks all over the place! Be warned, I’m mighty competitive and will be timing everyone’s laps…

Unfortunately, not everyone will be so lucky this Christmas. There will be thousands of people across Britain who, for a variety of reasons, will end up spending the festive season alone. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how that must feel, to be sat on your own in a bedsit, lonely and forgotten, with no loved ones to keep you company. Luckily, I don’t have to, as we’re having all the family over this year for a wonderful Christmas extravaganza – it’s going to be brilliant! We always hold Christmas at ours as there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around, plus we have several spare bedrooms should anyone need to crash over. I love being wealthy – it’s fantastic! You should give it a go…

If you don’t feel ready to become rich just yet, then you could give these Christmas money-saving tips a go – you’ll be surprised how much you might save:

Don’t buy turkey this Christmas, as it’s expensive. You can substitute it with Tesco Value Chicken Roll, which is far cheaper. Plus it’s ready sliced, meaning any leftovers can be more easily used for sandwiches on Boxing Day.

You can save money on Christmas crackers by simply not buying any at all. Be honest – can you really remember what you got in last year’s cracker? They’re needless and annoying around the dinner table, so do away with them this year – you’ll thank yourself for it.

Scotsmac is a cheaper substitute for mulled wine, so I suggest using that instead. Also, try watering it down a bit – you’ll be surprised just how far a bottle can go!

You can save on heating bills by inviting as many family members to dinner as you can. You should be able to adequately heat a 2-bedroom house from the body heat of about 9 people. Be careful to scale down the portions on dinner when inviting extra guests, otherwise this will prove to be a false economy.

Wrapping paper is frivolous and is only ever discarded. Use newspaper or magazines instead. If you’re really looking to save £££s, save junk mail pamphlets and election literature from the post and use those instead.

Right, I’m just about done. I think this column should be useful to a lot of people and it’s certainly not a lazy re-write of last year’s Christmas piece I did for Sky Magazine. I know you weren’t the editor back then, Lysanne, but I hope you appreciate the effort I have gone to in sharing my financial wisdom with the readers of your publication. At the moment I’m not altogether sure whether I want to write another column next month, but I will give it some thought over the holidays, and hopefully, if this misunderstanding is resolved in time, I will be back in January.

Merry Christmas, readers…

Peter xx

October 29, 2009

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

I’m really excited this month as there’s a new entrepreneur show on one of the Sky channels that’s just like Dragon’s Den – the show which I’m involved in. I can’t wait!

Britain’s recession continues to bite and many working families will struggle in the run-up to Christmas. It can be a miserable time of year for many people, especially in this current climate, so what better way to blow away the cobwebs than with a nice relaxing holiday? I’ve just been to Barbados for the half term break and I’m feeling great! I thoroughly recommend it, and is a good site to check out if you’re looking to knock a couple of quid off flights. Otherwise, – the other price comparison site I have an affiliation to – is as good a place as any to find cheaper deals.

If you’re looking to dine out on-the-cheap I’ve got just the ticket – simply cut out the coupon at the bottom of this page and you could save up to £1 on a specific family meal deal at Pizza Hut. You will need to hurry, though, as the offer runs out tomorrow at midday. You may find that certain branches have no knowledge of this offer whatsoever. If this is the case, just mention my name and you should be OK.

I’m looking forward to Children In Need this year. I’ll be doing my bit by joining in with the general revelry, plus I will be donating half my fee for this column (which works out at around £2500) direct to Children In Need. I recommend you do the same – it’s thoroughly rewarding! Philanthropy is a fantastic way to alleviate the underlying guilt caused by enormous personal wealth, plus it helps needy kids, which is great! So come on, don’t feel guilty – give half your money to charity today. You won’t regret it!

Looking for a sure-fire way to save money? Then you’ve come to the right column. You could save £100s by not buying any of the following items:

Solar Briefcase – £79.99

Tefal Quick Cup Kettle – £59.99

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Women’s Watch – £90.00

Set Of Children’s Kitchen Utensils – £29.00

Everlasting Love Diamond Ring – £204.00

My ghost writer has particularly recommended not buying the last item, as this can save you over £200, meaning more £££s in your pocket for Christmas.

Most of you will probably be making arrangements for your office Christmas party around this time of year. You might not think it, but you can actually save money without ruining your overall enjoyment of your works’ do by not drinking any alcohol. Alcohol is expensive and can be dangerous in excessive amounts, so play safe this year and save money by drinking tap water instead. You can take a glass into the toilets and fill up from the sink every now and again to ensure you’re never left standing empty-handed. You might worry about your colleagues thinking you’re a bit of a killjoy, but I never drink at my company parties and I’m always the most popular person there! You may also worry that people will give you funny looks when refilling your glass, but you’d be surprised – none of my employees have so much as raised an eyebrow whenever I’ve done it. In fact, at last year’s office party I had cause to wash my entire upper body over the sink and none of my staff even batted an eyelid – result!

Right, I’m just about done for this month. Enjoy bonfire night and remember – you can save money by looking at your neighbours’ firework displays instead of paying for your own.

Happy Guy Fawkes!

Peter x

September 28, 2009

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

Phew! Just completed the Dragon’s Den tour which has been fantastic and the public response has been brilliant throughout. I can’t wait for the next one! If you’re missing Dragon’s Den, don’t forget to take a look at the last series on channel Dave, or alternatively, catch series 3 on channel Watch. I’ve been reliving some of the classic moments recently, including the doggy treadmill – what was James Caan thinking? Hilarious! You wouldn’t catch me committing that sort of money to something which is so obviously doomed to failure.

Anyway, those of you who watch the show will remember my acquisition of the Cambridge-based band Hamfatter. I’ve been surveying the recording of their latest album and I’ve got to say, it sounds pretty sick! I think they’ve got what it takes to be successful, and with my money behind them the sky’s the limit. As far as I’m concerned they’re Britain’s answer to The Strokes and are going to be massive. Both of their singles have broken the top 100 already, the first of which almost made the top 50 – and all within just two years. Incredible!

I’m looking forward to Hallowe’en this year, as it’s great fun for all our family. I like to scare the trick-or-treaters who come to our door by putting a bolt through my neck, rolling my eyes back and pretending to be Frankenstein’s monster. You should see how quickly they run the 500 yards back to the front gates! That’ll teach them for begging. You won’t get anywhere in business with that attitude. When I was a youngster I used to do my own version of trick-or-treating where I would dress up as a giant bat and perform my “trick” of washing my neighbours’ cars in return for a cash “treat”. It was good fun for everyone, financially viable and, most importantly, no property was ever vandalised.

My writer is starting to run out of ideas now, so this is a good point to mention some of the incredible businesses I have in my portfolio. Red Letter Days is a fantastic events company that I run along with fellow Dragon Theo Paphitis. If you’re looking for a day out with a difference at a competitive price you could do worse than visit is also well worth a look for great savings – you may have seen the television advert featuring yours truly rifling through the aisles on a trolley…WHEEEEEE!!!!

Reggae Reggae Sauce has revolutionised the way people eat barbecued chicken in this country, netting its creator Levi Roots several hundred thousand pounds, and several million for myself. Levi has shrewdly stayed ahead of the game since the Den by diversifying his range of wonderful sauces, which the nation have taken to their hearts. This has led to a healthy and richly deserved profit for both of us.

If you’re looking to buy wine for corporate functions, is well worth checking out. Alcohol is a great fuel which makes time pass that bit quicker, and is particularly useful for withstanding the tedium of corporate events. There is nothing more important to a business than serving the correct wine and this site provides a fantastic way for companies to choose the right wine – every time!

Wow! I’ve managed to make it to the end of this column without having to get someone else to draw up a price comparison list of items loosely linked to the time of year which anyone could find for themselves using kelkoo. Result!

Til next month,

Peter x

August 26, 2009

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

We’ve had a fabulous holiday in the Maldives, but it’s always great to get back home again. I’ve had a great week playing tennis on our courts at home with my friends and family. It’s been an amazing summer and now I’m energized and raring to go! Holidays are fantastic, especially when you have plenty of money to spend, like I do.

Recycling and saving money are two concepts I fully endorse in this column regularly and I’ve recently got my ghost writer to find an incredible website where you can get rid of unwanted jewellery and make money. Check out – it’s a fast, simple and convenient new service that converts your old jewellery items into cash. All you have to do is fill in the online form and wait for their pre-paid envelope to arrive in the post, then send off your surplus valuables and you’ll receive the cash value of those items in the post the next working day. It’s fantastic, and the best thing is you don’t pay any other costs because the factory is on site, thereby cutting out the middleman and leaving more £££s for your pocket.

You are all probably aware of the digital switchover happening across the country. A great way to combat this is to get Sky Multiroom – it’s great viewing for all the family and fantastic value for money, so upgrade your package now.

Another thing you will need to do is buy a digital television, as you don’t want to be left looking at static after the switchover! We have HD sets all over our house and the picture quality is amazing. One thing I would advise when buying a new television is to shop around. An office junior has compiled this list of leading LCD TVs which should save you £££s:

LG 47LH5000 – Kelkoo – prices start from £961.00

Sony KDL-32E5520 – Kelkoo – prices from £945.00

Samsung LE-40A856 – Kelkoo – prices from £950.00

Sony KDF-E50A11E – Kelkoo – prices from £969.00

Panasonic TX-37LZD85 – Kelkoo – prices from £932.00

The above units are fantastic value for money and I think you’ll struggle to find prices as good as these elsewhere. They all come with the manufacturer’s guarantee and a full 3 year warranty.

The recession, combined with the digital switchover is understandably likely to raise financial concerns in many households across Britain. It’s a struggle for many families to find the spare money to buy essential items, especially in times like these. Luckily there are companies out there that are willing to help people in difficult situations with their finances. I recommend Picture Loans or Ocean Finance – both are reputable companies who have been in business for a long time. Their repayment rates are good (from their point of view) and you can apply for money even if you have a bad credit rating or CCJs. If you are a homeowner you could borrow up to £25,000 over the phone straight away, and the best thing is that both of these organisations allow you to consolidate existing debts into one affordable monthly repayment, leaving you free to concentrate on the important things in life like watching high definition television with the whole family. It’s definitely worth a try.

Well, that’s me done for this month! Phew! It’s time for me to get back to cracking the whip at the numerous businesses in my portfolio. I love business, as it’s exhilarating and a constant day-to-day challenge. I thoroughly recommend it!

Until next month…


August 3, 2009

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

Greetings from the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, considered by many to be the world’s first and only 7-star hotel. I’m here on a well-earned break with the family for the next fortnight – then it’s off to the Maldives for another three weeks to relax in the wonderful sunshine and enjoy the incredible golden beaches!

Although I’m on a family break I still like to keep in constant touch with my business portfolio, and there’s no better way to do this than with a Blackberry™. I’m never without my Blackberry™ and I think it’s important for everybody to have one, even if they don’t own several companies like I do. I recommend buying one on the O2 Network, as it’s never let me down yet and prices are competitive.

In fact, for the purposes of this article, I am actually writing this right now on my Blackberry™. I threw down a few rough ideas on a napkin at the hotel’s fantastic restaurant last night then fired off an email to my ghost writer using my trusty Blackberry™, which is just as quick as using conventional email and so much more convenient when you’re constantly on the move like I am.

Now the holidays are here, it’s great for families to enjoy the sunshine, and we’re certainly loving the sunshine here in Dubai – it’s incredible! But take care when outdoors to always use high factor suntan lotion and to re-apply it regularly. My ghost writer has scoured the web in order to find the 5 cheapest brands of suntan lotion, so that you can cover up AND save pennies:

Zap! Power tan – Sun Tan Maximizer & Sun Bed Tanning Lotion – £6.89

Sun Piz Buin Tan Intense Lotion Spf 15 150ml – £12.45

Sun Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion 170ml – £10.63

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion SPF25 200ml – £8.99

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF20 200ml – £10.99

All the above brands of tanning lotion are factor 15 or above and conform to EU regulations. As well as providing great protection for even the palest of skin, they also serve as a useful filler for monetary advice columns that are scratching around for ideas, especially when their “author” is on holiday.

A good way to make the most of the summer weather without spending too much is not to travel out of the country. Britain has several good beaches which aren’t too far away, with facilities for young and old. You can have a fun day out in the sunshine with the family for next to nothing – plus you don’t have to panic about finding your passport!

Next month I’ll be writing this column whilst relaxing on one of the many warm, golden beaches of the Maldives – with the Blackberry™ of course!

Enjoy the summer,


July 21, 2009

Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

Hello. I’m Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den and this is my new monthly column in which I use my financial expertise to offer useful advice on the day-to-day money worries we all suffer from, apart from me. Here are my top 5 money-saving tips that someone else has written on my behalf this month:

1) Have you noticed your weekly shopping bill increasing recently? This is unfortunately down to groceries becoming more expensive. A good way to combat this is to buy less items than you would normally, thus saving valuable £££s.

2) With the rising cost of petrol, a good way to avoid paying more money is to use your car less. Try walking to places instead of driving – it’s a fun way for the whole family to get exercise and save money.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for more overtime at work. It’s a good way to make extra money and it also shows the boss that you’re keen. Plus it gives you less opportunity to spend money.

4) Don’t spend a fortune on wine at the pub. Buy it from the supermarket and drink it at home. Another handy hint is to save money washing up wine glasses by drinking directly from the bottle.

5) A home-made birthday or anniversary card is a great way of sending a personalized greeting. It’s fun to do and a good way to save the pennies.

Towards the end of the column I normally run out of ideas. A good way my ghost writer finds of combatting this is to make up some twaddle about how the recession isn’t such a bad thing, especially if you’re rich like me.

My solution to the problem of recession is simple. Since the recession is down to banks no longer lending to one another, the best way to solve this is for the banks to start lending to each other again. So come on, banks, pull your fingers out and start lending money again.

I normally round off the column by pretending that I experience the same sort of domestic financial concerns as you, usually by virtue of a made-up story revolving around a slight money-related blip in my otherwise wonderful home life. Though everyone knows full well I can solve any problem by chucking cash at it, I still attempt to use the story to dispense a small nugget of financial wisdom designed to resonate in some way with the lives of ordinary people.

This month we’ve been redecorating the upstairs of our outhouse. On the whole it’s been great fun and everyone in our family has mucked in to help. The only problem we had was when my wife Tara and I couldn’t agree on a colour to paint the granite wall surrounding the open fireplace. In the end we solved our disagreement by not painting it at all and instead making a feature out of the wonderful original stonework, and thus saving considerable expenditure.

Well, that’s another column out the way for a month. Phew! Remember not to spend so much money and to keep putting aside the odd bit of small change – you’ll be surprised how it builds up over time.

Til next month…